I envisioned myself a Promethean architype that would have been martyred as I’m burning at the stake while my remains are leaving me for Hades; nailed to the cross with twice-dozen knife wounds swallowed in the whale’s belly (Jonah). All of them met their waterloo’s knowing that the glory in…

The Room Where It Happened — John Bolton

As we all know, Alexey Navalny is following a damn good CIA script when it comes to his “Putin poisoned me with Novichok” rants. Above, is an excerpt from John Boltons ‘the room where it happened’. The objective is hinder the Nord Stream II pipeline; in essence, sanctioning Russia’s no.1 Exporter to Germany — Oil. Hence, Navalny was instigated at a German Hospital after being supposedly Poisoned by Putin; but the objective is clear, and the mere court jester, the useful idiot, the unconscious used-condom — thrown away, bargain with the devil upended; come Mephistopheles.

Casus Belli

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